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Online Sutlers

 Sutlers are the merchants who sell Living History equipment, both at the events, and through the mail. While there are many excellent sutlers besides those on this list, there are also some to be avoided. It is wise to consult with a veteran reenactor before making any purchase. The following sutlers are online to serve you

This list was created with assistance from many sources, most notably that of  Rob Stevenson and our own Marc Averill.  Their well researched information, and dedication to excellence, is much appreciated.

General Sutlers
  • Blockade Runner   Tennessee based general sutler, seen at many large events.
  • C & D Jarnagin    One of the best known suppliers to the mainstream of this hobby, currently upgrading to more authentic goods and production methods.    Mail order and online only.
  • Fair Oaks Sutler  Numerous miscellaneous items.from a fine Virginia sutler.
  • E.J. Thomas  Newer sutler, specializing in leather goods, and with other items made by very respected makers.
  • Fall Creek Sutlery    One of the larger general item sutlers, one of the first and biggest online sutlers.
  • Mercury Supply Co.   General service sutler, located in Texas, but seen at large Eastern events.
  • The Quartermaster Shop   Michigan based large general sutler.
  • Regimental Quartermaster   Large general sutler, good source for inexpensive tents.
  • S&S Sutlery, Custom uniforms and tailoring. Now stocks Sekela frocks, sacks and leather goods as well as Ray Hock, Jim Warehime, and Jodi Nolan clothing. Catalog can be downloaded.


  • C.J. Daley Historical Reproductions  Manufacturer of accurate period clothing (military and civilian). He no longers does custom work, but maintains a large stock of items for purchase. 
  • Country Cloth/Chas. R. Childs  Clothing, blankets, fabrics, kits and sewing patterns, comes highly recommended.
  • N.J.Sekala  Excellent uniforms, leather goods, and others.  Known for uniforms, but has much more.
  • Osgood Historical Reproductions   Maker of uniforms from County Cloth patterns, and authentic materials.
  • Richmond Depot  Known mostly for quality clothing, they have many other items as well.
  • Camp Randall Quartermaster   Site of John Wedeward who produces some of the best repro Federal sackcoats anywhere. 
  • B&B Tart  Considered by some to be the definitive example of well-researched and hand made period clothing and uniforms. Custom work takes time - patience will be needed. 
  • Wambaugh, White & Co.    Uniforms and top notch garment kits.  They stand by what they sell.  Sells period fabrics as well.

Civilian Goods

  • Abraham's Lady    Carries an excellent selection of civilian items.
  • Carter & Jasper  Many civilian items, most notably men's apparel.  Also check out their Groceries section.
  • Elizabeth Stewart Clark   First Class Site!! Great source for civilian historic clothing. 
  • Ezra Barnhouse Goods  Another outstanding source for men's apparel and ladies accessories.  Also check out their fine selection of tin ware.
  • Harriet's TCS   Historic clothing for all reenactors, and sewing supplies
  • Heirloom Emporium   Full service site with a large ladies catalog.
  • Past Patterns   The ultimate source for period clothing patterns.
  • Timeless Stitches   Northwest  based, carries men's and women's clothing

Fabrics and Textiles

  • Family Heirloom Weavers   Good source for authentically loomed period fabrics. If you are contracting the work, they will ship directly to whoever is making your items.
  • Farm House Fabrics   Wisconsin based online store, no online order, phone only for first orders.
  • Thistle Hill Weavers   Reproduction fabrics and textiles, based in Cherry Valley, NY.

Military Manuals, Forms, Paper Goods



  • Panther Primitives , The traditional source for tentage and rendez-vous items.
  • Tentsmiths   This is a local supplier located in Conway, NH

Head Gear

Leather Goods

  • Civil War Boots  Excellent maker of authentic ACW footwear.  Also sells footwear for other periods.
  • Dell's Leather Works   Quality leather goods at a fair price. Dell has a large catalog and specializes in custom orders. 
  • Duvall Leatherwork  Top notch leather gear, belts, straps, slings, pouches, cartridge boxes,  all on authentic patterns.
  • Dixie Leatherworks,  An excellent source for top quality leather goods. Many itmes not available form other sources.
  • L. D. Haning and Company   Makers of leather gear (some with confederate lead details instead of brass). 
  • Missouri Boot and Shoe  Well done brogans, knapsacks and other accoutrements.
  • Robert Land Footwear  Historically accurate footwear of all kinds.  One of the hobby's best known names.


  • John Zimmerman, Master Gunsmith  Site for the work of John Zimmerman of Harper's Ferry. He is a leader in improving weapon authenticity and the site is worth a visit to see how your own weapon may be improved or to pick up yet another one.
  • Dixie Gun Works, Inc.   Dixie is well known in Living History circles and, in some cases, may be the only supplier for certain reproduction items.
  • Legendary Arms   Known for edged weapons they also stock leather goods, sword accessories and some uniforms.
  • Navy Arms Company   Having trouble finding a Navy Arms store? Go to this online site to place your order. The Confederate long arms are in a section of their own. Check out the online "specials."
  • S & S Firearms   Glendale, NY supplier, has a large catalog, mostly mail order, but near enough to visit.

Tin Supplies

Hardtack and other yummies

  • Bent's Cookie Factory  Hardtack, Common Crackers, Coffee beans and more.  They made the actual hardtack during the war!!!!
  • Blue Heron Mercantile   These folks provide salt meat, grains, as well as standard sutler fair

Various Supplies

  • Big Bear Trading Company    High quality specialty items, often seen at Northeastern events, Note he can supply most reenacting needs by special order'
  • Blanket Brigade   Another familiar face from our events, also with a nice online page.  As we know, its not just blankets!
  • Blue Heron Mercantile   Not really our time period, but many items can be of use to us. Check out the food, toiletries, leather care, gun tools, and more.
  • Boyd Miles   Haversacks, period "stuff" and some interesting "do-it-yourself" ideas. Very eclectic collection.
  • Brass buckles by Hanover Brass
    Excellent brass buckles (to upgrade from the less authentic CS oval).
  • The Carpetbagger    Beautiful handmade carpet bags, haversacks and braces.
  • Turkey Foot Trading Company  While not an ACW sutler per se, they have many fine items of interest to our period.  Check out their tin ware, hemp products and dried edibles for the haversack.
  • Crazy Crow Trading Post Another one not exactly in our time period, but has many very useful items for the ACW camp.
  • Lehman's   This one is not a period sutler at all, but has manymitems that might be useful for camp impressions. I particularly recomment their oil lamps!

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