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The Liberty Greys Illustrated News!

The Liberty Greys
6th Regiment, 1st Division, ANV

Any Fate but Submission!

Image created by Karen Jean, 35th VA

The Confederacy in New England

"Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy, that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; learn from Northern school books THEIR version of the war; and taught to regard our gallant dead as traitors and our maimed veterans as fit subjects of derision."
Gen. Patrick Cleburne, CSA

Deo Vindice

Any Fate but Submission!

 Last updated 11-5, 2013

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The Annual Convention of the 1st Division, ANV was held Saturday, 11/9/2013, at the Best Western Battlefield Inn, in Manassas, Virginia.  Representing the 6th Regiment (Liberty Greys) at the battalion table were Colonel Leonidas Jones, Lieutenant Colonel Paul Plante and Sergeant Major Brian Patton. Ordnance Sergeant Michael Flye, was also in attendance, seated with Division Staff in his new capacity as Division Ordnance Sergeant.

Colonels Jones and Plante represented the regiment at the Board of Directors' meeting the night which made many decisions to come before the full membership today.

The General Meeting was called to order by Major J. Haines, in the place of Chief of Staff Neil Sunderland, who was necessarily absent, at 9:06 am. A quorum was declared present.

Colonel Fallin gave the invocation.

I should point out that only two of our units were not represented, either in person or by proxy, a huge improvement over last year, thank you all.

General Brian Gesuaro, commander of PACS was present as an invited guest, showing that the two organizations are working closely together.

Majpr Haines reported on insurance, noting that 155 companies and over 3000 individuals were insured through the ANV this past year, showing substantial growth in the Division.  Happily, there is to be no increase in insurance fees this year. Ordnance Sgt. Flye will be handling insurance again this uyear, check the Insurance link in Quick Links for mroe information.

11 new units were accepted as full members of the ANV, and 4 new probationary units were added.

Genersl Jennette announced that Valentina Patipavici has had to resign as treasurer, effective Dec. 31, 2013.  He appointed Pat Hilderman as the new treasurer.

General Jennette was reelected as General unanumously.

New Safety SOP's, which had been adopted by the board, were presented to the session. For the most part, they included minor changes in procedure, and a codification of changes that had been made since the last revision in 2010, for example, 6 wing caps and Indian subcontinent muskets being prohibited.  Col. Jones has appointed a committee to revise the Regimental Ordnance Manual to be brought in ine with it, and it will be presented at the Annual Meeting in February.

Colonel Fallin reported on the decision made last night to purchase 10 new radios for the Division, allowing for better communications at major events.  The board also approved the purchase of a defibrilator for the Division, in order to give immediate assistance when most needed.

Max Effort Events were aproved for the coming year.  Only two were decided upon, 150th Wilderness/Spotsylvania, and 150th Cedar Creek.  New Market was set as a Best Effort event, due to its scheduling proximity to Spotsylvania. General Jennette pointed out that the number of events presented which can actually accomodate the entire Division are very limited. A listing of ANV events can be found on the Schedule page with more information.

Door prizes were prsented and General Jennette gave his closing remarks. The Last Roll call recognized those reenators we have lost in this past year, including Gary Dansereau of the 12th GA.

Colonel Fallin gave the benediction, and Major Haines adjourned the meeting at 11:46, a new record for efficiency at these conventions.


The meeting was called to order at the Tri State Truck Cener on Shrewsbury by Colonel Gliniewicz at 12:40.  Major Jones gave the invocation and Captain Perkins called the Roll of the Companies.  Only one company being unheard from, either by representative or proxy, a quorum was clearly present.

Colonel Gliniewicz welcomed the assemblyand spoke with great eloquence about his feelings on retiring as colonel, and what reenacting meant to him personally.

Rather then discuss the 2013 season event by event, the Colonel invited a general discussion of the past season, with many positive comments, including some apt remarks from Lt. Colonel Doug Ozelius, who attended representing the New England Brigade.

Marie Porteus presented the report of civilian activities for the past season, as well upcoming events.

Colonel Gliniewicz then turned the meeting over to Captain Perkins for the election of Colonel for the 2014 season.  Leonidas Jones was elected by acclamation. Paul Plante, Tom Fearaby, and Brian Patton were presented as Lieutenant Colonel, Major and Sgt. Major respectively, and were ratified unanimously. The other staff appointments were announced, and may be viewed at the Unit and HQ Contacts page.

After a short break, Colonel Gliniewicz presented propsed events for next season.  Many suggestions for other events and possible reschedulong were made.  A proposed schedule will appear on the Schedule page after next weekend's ANV Convention.

The Annual Meeting was set for the same location to be held on February 9, 2014, at 1:00 PM.

A general discussion of matters of interest was held.  Tony Fuschillo of the 21st Mississippi brought up a grave site of a confederate soldier in New Hampshire, and the possibility of a fund drive to provide a footstone marker for his grave.  More information will be forthcoming on that.

After the passing of the hat, earmarked for battlefield presevation, Colonel Gliniewicz adjouned the meeting at 3:20.


The meeting was called to orderat the Hitchcock Academy By Col. Gliniewicz at 12:45. The Invocation was given by Major Jones. The Roll of the Companies by Capt. Perkins resulted in a quorum being present to transact business.

Col. Gliniewicz gave a quick update from the New England Brigade, since their new President, Doug Ozelius, was unable to attend the rescheduled meeting. Paul Kenworthy will command the Federal forces this year as a Colonel, and things seem to looking good for our comrades in Blue.

Civilian Coordinator, Marie Porteus gave a report on civilian activities in the off season.

Col. Gliniewicz announced the filling of two staff positions Chaplain who will once again be Joseph Pereira,  and Quartermaster, to be taken over by Mal Grant.
After a spirited discussion of "Special Impressions" within the boundary of the military camp, a motion was made and paseed to locate such impressions according a camp layout presented by the staff, which places them quite near, but outside the boundaries of the Regimental Camp.

Co. G, 12th Georgia was presented for consideration as a full voting member, after having served their probationary year in 2012.  The unit was indeed accepted, and we are happy to welcome them!

Col. Gliniewicz presented the events under consideration for this years schedule.  Votes were taken on each event.  The results can be seen on the Schedule page of this web site.

In the OPen Discussion, a suggestion was made to establish a period letter writing campaign to imporove impression we offer to the public.  Mention was made of an excellent web site,, which has much information and materials on the subject.

After the passing of the hat, which looked suspiciously like a wicker basket, Col. Gliniewicz adjourned the meeting at 3:03.


The Annual Convention of the 1st Division, ANV was held Saturday, 11/10/2012, at the Best Western Battlefield Inn, in Manassas, Virginia.  Representing the 6th Regiment (Liberty Greys) at the battalion table were Major Leonidas Jones and Ordnance Sergeant Michael Flye.

Major Jones represented the regiment at the Board of Directors' meeting the night hich made many decisions to come before the full membership today.

The General Meeting was called to order by Chief of Staff Col. Neil Sunderland at 9:16. 97 of the member units were either present, or represented by proxy, close to 90% of the Division.  As an aside, only slightly over 50% of our LG units were represented.  It will be important, going forward, that we do better at making sure all of our voices are heard.

Col. Sunderland announced the reinstatement of the position of Division Sergeant Major.  Accepting this renewed position was an old friend of the Liberty Greys, Donnie Strum.

The old 5th and 8th Battalions were deactivated as battalions in the Division.  The 8th designation was assigned to a new battalion, now the 8th Horse Artillery Battalion.

Major Jenni Haines presented a report on ANV Insurance for the upcoming season.  Happily, in these economic times, it was announced that there would be no increase in the insurance cost for 2013.  Ordnance Sergeant Flye will be handling insurance again for our battalion, with no anticipated change in procedures.

The Division will make a donation of $3300 to The Civil War Trust, which will be matched 113 to 1, enabling the Trust to purchase the land of the Kelly's Ford battlefield.  $6700 is to be held in reserve, to spent this year on other battfield preservation efforts.

The Board presented a motion to establish a scholarship fund amounting to $500 per battalion, to be awarded to a high school senior in that battalion, who is going to college, a total of $5500 for the now total of 11 active battalions.  Any money not expended will be rolled over to the next year. Motion was passed unanimously.

The election for Major General for 2013 was held.  General Jennette was reelected by acclamation.

A presentation was made about rifle muskets made in India, and originally intended as prop pieces for theatrical and movie presentations, but are now being sold to reenactors.  These weapons have been proven to explode when loaded only with black powder, making very dangerous for reenactors.  As a result, ANV insurance will not cover any incidents using these weapons.  They can recognized by being extremely light when compared to standard repros, and lacking proof marks on the barrels.

It was also pointed out the the use of original muskets on the field is strongly discouraged.

New Units were then proposed for probationary membership.  We added the name of Co. G, 12th Georgia Infantry. The meeting was then adjourned for lunch at 11:00.

The meeting was called back to order at 1:06 by Major Jenni Haines, in the absence of Col. Sunderland, who had another meeting to attend.

The potential events for inclusion as Max Effort events were presented. Presented were the Carolina Campaign, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, July event, and Cedar Creek.  At the suggestion of General Jennette, the Carolina Campaign was withdrawn, to become a Regional Best Effort Event.  The other three were all selected as Max Effort Events for the ANV.

There has been a change in Regional Events.  There are no longer Regional Max Effort events, which would count towards ANV requirements. We now have Regional Best Effort Events, which can be advertised as such, but will not give ANV membership requirements.  Major Jones spoke in support of adding Connecticut To Arms:2013, at Bauer Park, Madison CT as one of these Best Effort Events, and it was so accepted.  Many of these events appear on the Schedule page of this site.  More will be added when the information is forwarded to the WebMaster.

The setting of events was the last major bit of business to be acted upon, after the awarding of door prizes, the meeting was adjourned at 2:17


Our November meeting was held at Hitchcock Academy on November 4th , 2012.  At this meeting, Colonel Paul Gliniewicz was reelected for his second term.   

Colonel Ginewicz then presented his staff,  Lt. Colonel Henry Arrendando stepped down, due to his admittedly strange decision to move to Hawaii, despite the incredible weather we have had for the past week! :)

Named and ratified to succeed him was Captain Lance Easterling of the 7th Tennessee.  Welcome Colonel Lance!

The position of Major, which has been vacant for several years was filled with Major Leonidas Jones, who was also ratified in the position.  Sgt. Major Paul Plante was also ratified to continue his outstanding work in that position.

There were no changes in the remainder of the staff, which can be viewed on the Staff and Unit Contacts page of this site.

Civilian Coordinator Marie Porteus presented a review of civilian activities for the past season, and plans for the upcoming one.

Colonel Gliniewicz also reviewed out recently concluded successful 2012 season, and presented the events for consideration for our 2013 schedule.

Major Jones gave a short presentation on the return of this site, and some of the new features it contains.  A spirited discussion was held on specialty impressions and how best to integrate them into our overall living history presentation.

The date for our Annual Meeting, at which the 2013 schedule will be set was decided.  It will be held on Sunday, February 10, 2013.  Particulars can be found on the Event Central page on this website as we get closer to the date. Colonel Gliniewicz then adjourned the meeting.


The Annual Meeting of the Liberty Greys, 6th Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia, was held at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge MA, on February 8, 2009.  Colonel Jones called the meeting to order at 12:38, PM.

After the invocation,  Captain Perkins called the roll of companies and established that a quorum was present.  Our Civilian Coordinator Marie Porteus made her report. One of the many points made was to point civilians to the civilian email list,  A join box has been added at the bottom of the pages of this site, and the CivilWarEvents list as well.

Staff reports were then given.  Major Markiewicz and Major Brundige presented plans to develop SOP's for interaction among the units of their branches, and with the other branches. Captain Perkins stated the times for Morning Reports at events, and the need for timely and accurate reporting. Captain Porteus reported on the plans for the medical impression this yar, and plans to develop the cadet program. Sgt. Major Plante pointed out the need for our members to check their gear, particularly leathers, before finding they fail at the first event, and called for a greater focus on military courtesies during the time of spectator presence.  Ordnance Sgt. Patten added the need to check weapons before the start of the season, and also discussed EMT presence at our events.  Dr. Pereira presented his vision of the Chaplain's position, which can be a great addition for our battalion, both from an impression standpoint, and for the well being of all our members.

Colonel Jones made a presentation on Attendance requirements. The main point made was that units can fulfill their ANV requirement by attending the Woodbury, CT event in August.

The main focus of the meeting was establishing the 2009 Event Schedule.  The bad news that was delivered was the cancelation of the Winchendon, MA event, due to a grant that did not come through.  It is hoped that the event can come back to our schedule for 2010.

The result of the vote of units can be viewed on the Schedule page of this web site.

Colonel Jones made a report on Insurance reporting.  In this difficult time, we have done quite well. All out units should be fine with the ANV insurance, though it is more limited. 

Dr. Pereira presented on our efforts at looking for insurance to supplement the ANV coverage. The best option at this point seems to be from the Living History Association, though other options were also presented.

Discussion was held concering ideas for improving our recruitment efforts, and more discussion of authenticity efforts, first on military courtesy.  There is an excellent and well researched page on military courtesy here:


The Annual Convention of the 1st Division, Army of Northern Virginia, was held on November 8, 2008, at the Fredericksburg Hospitality and Convention Center, in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

The Regiment was represented by Colonel Jones, and his wife Liz, Lt. Colonel Paul Gliniewiez, and Quartermaster Sergeant Emile Roux.

Brigadier General Jake Jennette was reelected to command of the ANV.  It is most fitting that we reelected this gallant Marine two days before the 233rd anniverary of the founding of the Corps.

The Convention decided to name three events as Max Effort events, to be attended by as many members of the ANV as possible,  The events are the 145th Spotsylvania, Isle of Wight, and the 145th Cedar Creek. 

It was also decided to name three Regional Effort events, for battalions to support in their own areas.  These events are Neshaminy, Woodbury, and Zoar.  Finally two Cavalry Effort events were named, events that feature cavalry, but which infantry unts are welcome to attend as well.  These events are Ft. Pocahontas, and Locust Grove, both in Virginia. Our units can fulfill their ANV attendance requitement at any of these events.

A change in ANV insurance reporting policies and premium structure was also announced.  More information on that will be forthcoming.

Of note, was the Door Prize awarding at the end of the meeting. One of these prizes was won by our own Emile Roux, AKA the Yeti!

It was decided to hold the Convention at the same venue next year.


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